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Whether you’re a doctor, medical professional or med student life doesn’t stop when you have to relocate. We’re here to help.

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Access free relocation support as you move up in your career and on to new opportunities.

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Thinking of moving? We provide valuable free tools you need to start your new adventure.

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When Match Day arrives, breathe. We’ll have your personalized moving plan ready to go.

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MD Relo was founded by relocation experts with over 30 years experience who understand the stress that comes with pursuing a successful career as a medical professional. Our goal is to take one (big) thing off your plate by connecting you with the support and resources you need to find the perfect home in your new home town.

Why relocate with MD Relo?

Personalized service plan based on your profile and vision for your perfect home.

Free and prompt support from professionals who understand your needs.

Immediate service, as soon as you know where you’re headed.

Doctor-preferred home loans, with the power to compare and save.

Free tours of the best homes and communities in locations you are considering.

Valuable information on your new city, its neighborhoods and more.

What Members are Saying

  • Dr. Anthony and Breanna White
    Dr. Anthony and Breanna White MD Relo Member

    "In just a couple of weeks we were able to find the house that we were looking was nice to get through it that quickly. It made the process that much more enjoyable and we were able to be excited about it and not be stressed."

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  • Dr. Dan Penrice
    Dr. Dan Penrice MD Relo Member

    "We looked around on some other online sites and we weren't finding what we wanted or knew who to contact and that's when we found MD Relo and they were able to get us in the right direction. They made me feel at ease and like they were on the same page and had done this before."

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  • Dr. Nick Van Roekel
    Dr. Nick Van Roekel MD Relo Member

    "The nice part of working with MD Relo is that it was a very smooth process. We just told them a little about what we're looking for in a home and they were able to connect us with a real estate agent who knew the area really well and were able to find out our needs to purchase a home really easily."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be an MD Relo Member?

MD Relo is a FREE service with no hidden fees. We provide this service with the support of sponsors, advertisers, participating Medical Centers, and affiliates.

How does the MD Relo membership help me?

Whether you are studying to be and/or working as a medical professional, MD Relo is your ultimate resource for saving weeks of time searching, planning and executing to find the perfect home while avoiding all the inherent risks and frustrations associated with a typical move to a new home. If you are a medical student, your profile contains helpful information to help you succeed on the USMLEs, Applications, Interviews, Rank Day, and Match Day.

Is membership available only to medical professionals?

Yes. In joining you agree and certify that you are a student in medical school, a doctor, resident, fellow, professor, nurse, dentist, hospital or university administrator, therapist and/or other commonly known member of the medical profession. Contact us if you have any questions regarding qualifying.

Why are the best local Realtors challenging to find?

You won’t find the “best” local Realtor with typical online searches or advertising on national real estate websites. Why? Because top realtors don’t need to advertise. Their business is built on “extreme-care,” serving others best interest and getting personal referrals – offline. We combed the country for the most respected, vetted and proven Realtors ready to serve you in the exclusive MD Relo experience.

How does my membership profile work?

The benefits of your membership profile are relevant to your current status as a student, doctor, or other medical professional. Your profile is informative, intuitive and evolves with you in the medical profession. Your profile is a pathway to success through school and beyond. MD Relo is your ultimate resource for quickly planning and executing the perfect home search experience while avoiding all the risks and frustrations associated with a typical move.

Should I buy or rent a home?

This answer depends on the local market and your unique situation. The MD Relo professional team and your personal Realtor take the time you need to help you make the best decision which takes into account the details (and pitfalls) of your potential investment.

Does MD Relo help if I decide to rent?

Yes; your profile page is a library of links to find rental opportunities as well as the latest information on how to avoid scams that permeate rental markets. Also, we do have some Realtors who do help renters, so we can match you with them upon request.

How does MD Relo help me find the best medical professional financing?

With all the changes in the financing industry over the last few years, especially when you take into consideration new and evolving tax laws, it is important to compare local and national lenders and loan programs. We partner with the most reputable nationwide lenders specializing in physician home loans.

Should I get pre-approved for a home loan even if I’m renting?

Absolutely. Whether you decide to rent or buy, it’s wise to understand the process by being pre-approved for a home loan. It is FREE, there is no obligation, and you’re armed with knowledge when an opportunity arises.