About MD Relo

A relocation solution designed for med students, doctors, and medical professionals – by pros who care.

As the parents of former med students and doctors, we know how challenging it can be to focus on the future when you’re so busy in the present. We founded MD Relo to take the stress out of every aspect of your next move.

MD Relo is a FREE, personalized relocation solution for medical professionals, built on a 30-year legacy of helping thousands of families successfully relocate to new homes. MD Relo is led by passionate, caring Realtors who intimately understand the unique challenges that come with pursuing a successful career as a physician.

We’ve done the research for you.

When moving to a new community, the local-expert Realtor you choose is THE most important choice you will make to ensure you’re getting the inside knowledge on your future investment. Why choose your Realtor by chance? You rarely find the best local Realtors with typical online searches or advertising on national real estate websites. The top Realtors don’t need to advertise. Their business is built on experience, personal referrals and “extreme-care,” serving others. We’ve spent the time it takes to research, develop relationships and combed each city for the most respected, pre-vetted, doctor recommended Realtors to serve you with an exclusive MD Relo experience.

MD Relo also provides discounts on additional relocation services. Everything you need to make relocating easier. And we are here for the long haul. As soon your next career opportunity pops up, we are ready to help. Whenever or wherever you’re moving, we have your perfect prescription.

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