Looking for a stress-free relocation?

We have your prescription for the perfect move.

The most important decision you make when buying a home is the Realtor you choose. We quickly connect you with true experts, vetted medical center / doctor recommended Realtors that specialize in the areas you and your family want to live in. We’ve spent a career finding the most recommended, experienced, relocation-focused Realtors that are dedicated to work in your best interest in buying your next home! Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you want the finest seasoned advocates on your side. Your MD Relo membership is your access to our exclusive network of super-hard to find “Servant Realtors” that put your best interests ahead of their own, working intelligently to take the stress and risk out of your next home buying experience. You’ve earned it!

…built on 30-years of experience helping thousands of families successfully relocate to new homes.

Our Story

As the parents of former med students and doctors, we know how challenging it can be to focus on the future when you’re so busy in the present. We founded MD Relo to take the stress out of every aspect of your next move.

MD Relo is a FREE, personalized relocation solution for medical professionals, built on 30-years of experience helping thousands of families successfully relocate to new homes. Our company is led by passionate, caring professionals who intimately understand the unique challenges that come with pursuing a successful career as a physician.

Why worry about randomly selecting key elements of a big move such as the best local Realtors, neighborhoods, financing and discounts on travel and moving?

We’ve done the research for you.

MD Relo also provides free access to discounts on other relocation services. Everything you need to make relocating easier.

And we’ll be here for the long haul. As soon your next career opportunity pops up, we’ll be ready to help. Whenever or wherever you’re moving, we have your perfect prescription.

When you sign-up for MD Relo, it means access to solutions.

Personalized service plan based on your profile and vision for your perfect home.

Free and prompt support from professionals who understand your needs.

Immediate service, as soon as you know where you’re headed.

Doctor-preferred home loans, with the power to compare and save.

Free tours of the best homes and communities in locations you are considering

Valuable information on your new city, its neighborhoods and more.

What People are Saying

  • Dr. Anthony and Breanna White
    Dr. Anthony and Breanna White MD Relo Member

    "In just a couple of weeks we were able to find the house that we were looking for...it was nice to get through it that quickly. It made the process that much more enjoyable and we were able to be excited about it and not be stressed."

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  • Dr. Dan Penrice
    Dr. Dan Penrice MD Relo Member

    "We looked around on some other online sites and we weren't finding what we wanted or knew who to contact and that's when we found MD Relo and they were able to get us in the right direction. They made me feel at ease and like they were on the same page and had done this before."

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  • Dr. Nick Van Roekel
    Dr. Nick Van Roekel MD Relo Member

    "The nice part of working with MD Relo is that it was a very smooth process. We just told them a little about what we're looking for in a home and they were able to connect us with a real estate agent who knew the area really well and were able to find out our needs to purchase a home really easily."

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